Collage artist Caroline Rose grew up in the foothills of the mountains in Victoria, Australia. It was here that her whimsical imagination would take flight, spotting fairies in amongst the tree ferns and making tree rocket trips to magical lands. Not much has changed since then, apart from becoming older and making a big move to Nottingham in the UK with her young family.
Caroline studied Fine art and interior design, before launching herself as a collage artist.
Inspiration for her artwork comes from all around: children’s stories, lovely words, great songs, sunshine, dreams, conversations, cups of tea, books, spring flowers, bare winter trees, boats on the canal, the list is endless.
Her works are whimsical, colourful and fun and are for children and adults alike. She loves her art to tell a story and often wonders what the characters are thinking, or who lives in those tiny houses in the tree?
Caroline draws her illustrations before hand cutting every single piece of paper, down to the tiniest of circles, before carefully gluing them onto a paper, painted canvas or painted wooden board background.
Caroline’s main love in creating her work is hearing about how it has brightened up someone’s day, or brought a smile to their face.
She is thankful that everyday she gets to follow her dreams and do what she loves.